New Album: Misaligned Apples 

Modern songs about changing climates: those of love, environment, politics and life itself.  Acoustic stories that weave from record stores to outer space, from the Beatles through Beethoven with a familiar sound that reaches for the stars.

Named for the rarest collectible copy of Abbey Road, and featuring a twist on that iconic album’s cover, Misaligned Apples features songs about marriage (Build Your House), climate change (Beethoven, Move North) social and political issues (Unbreaking News, Giddy With

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New free music! 

Go to Music page to download or stream 11 new songs, "Another Banker's Dozen."

New Album 

"BURST OF JOY!" streaming now in MUSIC and available in STORE!

'Frank and Ava's Child' Featured in Touches of Venus 

The lyrics to 'Frank and Ava's Child' have been published in Ava Gardner: Touches of Venus, an anthology of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry about Ava Gardner including work by Margaret Atwood, Robert Graves, Allan Gurganus, Pere Gimferrer, Mario Cabre, Peg Boyers, Margaret Myers, David Lloyd, Alain Souchon, Suzanne Vega, Kirpal Singh, Virgil Suarez, Alton Rivers, Jim Harrison, Michael S. Harper, and Clarence Major.  Edited by Gilbert L. Gigliotti and published by Entasis Press, the volume is available at…

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Album credits 

Big Questions, Little Answers

Recorded February 2 - September 12, 2009

All words, music, instruments and voices by Rob.

New album finished 

New album, "Big Questions, Little Answers" - now streaming in Music section!


Happy 4th! 2 new songs added.

6 new songs - see Music 

Rough mixes of new songs from an upcoming album, to be called, "Big Questions, Little Answers."