From the recording Julie's Gone to Paris


She grew up in Dallas too steeped in Texas swing
Now Julie’s gone to Paris to find out everything
She went there once and fell hard, and knew she’d soon return
She’s picked out her arrondisement with confidence to burn
Go on and chase your fantasy, just go for the cliché
Don’t compromise beginnings, this is the time to seize the day
So Julie left her first job, her family and her friends
Was this a good decision? I guess it all depends
‘Cause here I am in Dallas, more bubba than Balzac
Trying to find some clever way to get my girlfriend back
Her life is so enchantée, she’s très Parisienne
Dancing  toutes les  soirées with older, foreign men
But surely she’ll get lonely by the time I’ve followed there
Ah, who am I kidding? I haven’t got a prayer
I know you’ve moved on from me, and the French have their charms
But how can I let you go, when you should be here in my arms?
Julie’s gone to Paris, in Paris she will stay
Though odds are stacked against me I’m going anyway
I’ve got to keep believing that there’s a shred of hope
I owe it to my feisty heart that doesn’t beat to mope
Julie’s gone to Paris to find out everything
Julie’s gone to Paris
© 2012 Rob Berretta