1. Burst of Joy!

From the recording Burst of Joy!


When the doctor shared the crazy news that sometimes blessings come in twos
We had to hear it twice to understand
We’d be getting one of each, a Popeye and a peach
And we’d have to double everything we’d planned
Now all the wait in worrying is done
It’s time to meet my daughter and my son
So it’s first a girl and then a boy
And wow! A sudden burst of joy!
You changed so fast the world I thought I knew,
How I love you!
I’ve built tiny beds of matching wood, learned things I thought I never could
And promised Mom I’ll make the time we’ll need
Because now I’ve realized my life was compromised
Misconceiving every reason to succeed
For my drive was aimed at just acquiring things
And now I know I’m here to guide your wings
So this is how it feels to start a family,
Overwhelmed with only wonder, and not a trace of fear
A bright, new generation gazing up with hope at me
Knowing wholly that you’ll always find me near, year after year
How I love you two
© 2012 Rob Berretta