1. Wrong Road

From the recording Wrong Road


It was a dark day, and it was raining, and I couldn’t find my way
Out on the parkway, no pride remaining, I pulled over in dismay
The counter man looked up at me when I told him where I thought I’d be
He said, “You can’t get there from here, you see
Your directions I’m afraid are far from sound.
You took the wrong road buddy turn around!”
But in an hour I was still driving, searching for that highway sign
My mood was sour, but I was striving to find the road I claimed as mine
But when I crossed the state I stopped again and they said go back where you began
So in circles I just spin and spin
Feel like I’m lost without a hope of being found
You took the wrong road buddy turn around
The tunnel’s long and the end is bright
Just reflections of your own headlight
You think you’ve finally passed the test
Just to find that you’ve been second-guessed
My destination was not appearing, so much for saying it can’t be missed
Hope of elation lost in my steering, just confusion in my midst
So I pulled in for one last chance, drowning now in an endless trance
He said “where d’you want to go?” and I said, “Really I don’t know”
I can’t remember where I thought I might be bound --
You took the wrong road buddy turn around!
© 2004 Robert Berretta