From the recording Holy Cross Road


They found him dead on the Holy Cross Road
Alone on the plain where alive he’d been towed
By the four told horses of the seven seals
And a King in a truck who lives and still feels
His mother gave birth in a bathroom stall
Then went back out to hide in the school dance hall
Safe lost in her peers she escaped all the blame
And left him to die without even a name
He made himself known, he must have been blessed
They found him a home and sent him out West
He never lost sight of this chance he received
Like an instinct of knowing why he was conceived
Most knew him with love against odds ever slim
But enemies came ‘cause he wasn’t like them
Then he died filled with pain pinned crosslike on a fence
And only his love was his mortal offence
You who lived violently wait impatiently for judgment to decide
You took another down, now you’ve lost your crown to the turning of the tide
You think your time has come and you’re already numb, but there’s a last surprise
Vengeance will not be done, for your victim’s son reverses your demise
The father turns to yours and says, “I give you life
In memory of the one I love who’s gone.”
It’s beyond the right of justice to invert the knife
Says the wisdom of the father and the son
You fear he’ll come again, like the son of men, and sear you in his light
But now you’re already lost by the sharp swords crossed by those too strong to fight
And what of the mother who chose to deprive
Does she stop now to wonder if her son’s still alive?
Would she even have cared, would the father inside
That their son was the reason for choosing a side?
The Lamb and the Shepherd are one and the same
And this one act of love can the kingdom reclaim
The beginning remembers the end’s final seed
As we sign on the line of the earth’s title deed
He’d have killed his son Isaac if demanded as sacrifice
So she drowned her five children to the voices of paradise
Did she know she’d suffer more here as she silenced one by one?
Saviors die to rescue others yet she chose to carry on
They found him dead on the Holy Cross Road
Unburned and unburied but free of his load
Is there quiet in heaven as the prophets have sung
As the false priests are silenced has the ending begun?
Are we losing the light of the sun and the moon
Will the cries of the trumpets sound anytime soon?
Will new songs of love flow to wake the redeemed
As the mad, the possessed and the chosen have dreamed?
Or maybe we’ve written out wrong what we’ve seen
And we’re not ready yet for the strengths to convene
And these aren’t the signs that are written in code,
But they found him dead on the Holy Cross Road
They found him dead on the Holy Cross Road
They found him dead on the Holy Cross Road
They found him dead on the Holy Cross Road
They found him dead on the Holy Cross Road
© 2004 Robert Berretta