From the recording Cold Cold Winter


It's never true love comes easily
There was no star saying you were made for me
So we thanked our good fortune and carried along
There's no use to worry about things that might go wrong
That time was short I’m glad we couldn’t see
It would have hurt to live more carefully
When winter came it wasn’t on our terms
It only brought about the sting that life confirms
Don’t put much weight on what you lean upon
For it’s a cold, cold winter and you’re gone
In so many ways I should have known
A short time together means a long alone
What you did baby, I can't forgive
But it's worth the anger for the chance I had to live
But even knowing now, no I would not trade
A better future for the love we made
It felt some days that time would stall
The perfect weather in this awful fall
You used to tell me that I was your spring
For all the happiness our love would bring
But nature always will beat you out
You get complacent and things turn about
© 2004 Robert Berretta