1. U.K. Records

From the recording Misaligned Apples


We used to fly for UK records
Friends, we’d never let us down
’Round the whole world for UK records
Crate to crate and town to town
Those days back in London I’m thinkin’ ‘bout again
Splattering through Soho in the inevitable rain
From Berkeley to Copenhagen we’d catalog our wins
Digging UK records from all those foreign bins
Now all our digging’s done and it’s not much fun going on
Thoughts of fine times past won’t make up for a friend who’s gone
Now in my sad mind’s eye all I wanna do is hit freeze
But no more misaligned apples are hangin’ from them trees
We loved to dance to UK records
That magic swingin’ London sound
I’m still playing my UK records
Trying to forget you’re not around
IN and IU, pink rim, Track and Pye
Parlophones our holy grail, till you vanished without saying goodbye
All those silly years of knowing no one else would care
Just a sacred pact that only friends can share
So there I was in Russia, where the best copies came
When the world cried out that you’d put out your flame
I’m saying goodbye with UK records
Send you off with a mighty spin
They couldn’t save you, UK records
Nor I, who want you back again
(can you feel the heat of a reckless heart?)