1. Protector

From the recording Misaligned Apples


When you were a child you’d look in my eyes
And cup my head tight in your tiny hands
As if in this way you’d see your future
Did you see that it was built on shifting sands?
You learned so fast to play one off another
These two lost souls who couldn’t live as one
Who’d step over each other trying to please you
Blame piles high when a marriage comes undone
Didn’t I promise to protect you
When life threw its hard lessons down?
Didn’t I say I’d not abandon
The child before she was grown?
I wasn’t the father who left you
Though all these bad memories we relive
But failing to keep you from damage, that’s on
Me who lost you who can’t forgive
Bobbie, you’ve not lived a life of privilege
You can’t afford me time now to explain
What summoned so much anger and resentment
That you won’t even let me hear your pain
This is no fantasy, no Tate’s Cordelia
I can’t expect a chance to start anew
But years are gone, unfinished lies the ending
And how this ends is really up to you (chorus)
“Where do we go from here,” is all I’m asking
So how do we get “here” back into range?
One of us has to reach out through the silence
I might as well be the grown-up for a change
What’ll you get from me when years have only
Added barricades for you to climb
I wasn’t the protector you deserved then
But can we speak at least while there’s still time?