From the recording Misaligned Apples


Tell him the truth, an overnight bag
You just need a few hours to think alone
Is this the way, you must ask yourself
To carry your fortunes through the years unknown
You can’t feel the beat of a resting heart
It just keeps you alive
Better to live with a restless heart
Life’s not just to survive
Humbled by canyons, lost by the sun
And fired from all the wandering
Can’t decide if you want to go home
But happy even to be wondering
Just one more week would have made a year
He thought you were headed into the clear
Now he’s alone, seeing he’s not enough
And living his worst fear
Guilty or not you’ve shaken awake
Those back-of-mind doubts that have held you back
Take a deep breath, you’re not going home
You pulled hard where you felt the crack
Can’t feel the beat of a resting heart