From the recording Another Banker's Dozen


I know we couldn't see this coming
Change comes on when we least expect
But here we are at last
Cause when it comes it's fast
Blown in by a great cause and effect
You said we'd never stand together
Our dream would never realize
I thought that you were right
But here we stand tonight
Happy and completely by surprise
It took so many lives to get to here from where we'd been
To these fantastic times we're living in
Married, two lovers hand in hand
Glad as the leaves of doubt turn brown
It's just a point of view
That set its roots and grew
And took so long to finally settle down
Look at us now, imagine how generations past would look at this
There may still be whines and whispers, but they're drowning in our kiss
I know there's still a long, long way up
There're still so many scorned and shamed
But now here's to you and me
On an aisle of liberty
As we stake our love on these just rights we've claimed
Singing to our life together...
© 2015 Rob Berretta