1. Sunblock

From the recording Another Banker's Dozen


I think I'll skip the sunblock
Don't wanna live no more
I'll get myself a sunburn
To burn into my core
No I won't go to the gym
Or take my  multi-vitamin
I think I'll skip the sunblock
And let the poison in
Not gonna buy a pistol
Or anything that rash
I'll maybe draft a letter
But won't blow all my cash
This is what I'm thinking
Yes this is where I'm at
Not jumping out my window
No I can't imagine that
So if today's a bad one
And you're looking to express
A way to free your darkness
And flirt with emptiness
Yes when you're feeling tempted
With visions of demise
You can skip the sunblock
That's a healthy compromise
© 2015 Rob Berretta