1. Soldier

From the recording Another Banker's Dozen


There’s a soldier heading homeward, just a few more hours to bear
Drinking coffee at Reagan Airport, and he’s caught me in a stare
So I thank him, ask where he's come from
Like he'd have news from the same place
There’s a soldier and I’m wondering
If another soldier’s safe
There’s a mother sounding cheerful from her barracks far away
To her daughter, saying "don't be fearful, and I'll be back by your birthday"
On our touch screen she's always smiling
Saying there's no danger near her base
There’s a soldier and how I’m longing to feel my solder's soft embrace
She said to me as she left
“Till I'm home, lover, just keep our daughter close to you”
Counting the days until her tour is over
When she’ll have strangers staring too
There’s another morning breaking but the sun goes down so fast
Never sleeping, afraid of darkness, how long those bad dreams seem to last
Come tomorrow, in joy returning,
More'll join the forces of the saved
But there’s a soldier, and someone praying now for another soldier brave
Each time we find we stare let's say another prayer
For every soldier everywhere
© 2015 Rob Berretta