1. Autocompleted

From the recording Another Banker's Dozen


When I said that I leave you I meant that I love you
But autocomplete did me in
When I swore that I'm so sore I meant I'm so sorry
This device isn't letting me win
Now you've told me we're finished and I hope it's not true
That your autocompleting lies too
If you'd dial my number you'd know how I feel
But I'm not gonna be calling you
Autocomplete wasn't true, autocomplete can't undo
Just because thumbs will fly in a knee-jerk reply
Are we're autocompleted and through?
Back when we started dating our phones weren't thinking
And our typos were just kind of cute
But now phones are so helpful they get us in trouble
When the old words of love don't compute
Now I'm not gonna proofread, I'm just hitting send
And with autocomplete I'll pretend
That you'll dial my number and love me again
And that this isn't really the end
(repeat first verse and chorus)
Are we through?
© 2015 Rob Berretta