From the recording Misaligned Apples


I didn’t think that I was ready
But it was more your place to know
You held my seat till I was steady
I didn’t feel you let go
That was the first day I felt free from
Trying to keep my expectations down
Now on my bike I let my dreams run
Riding all through town
Deep memories running back to me
Of happy times and miles passed
The day you put your trust in me
Though nothing lasts
Almost remembering how it feels
A child’s love, a father’s pride
When you took off my training wheels
And let me ride
This isn’t something I’ve remembered
It just came back to me today
I’m seeing you lying here unrecovered
With words you won’t hear me say
I got the letter that you sent me
And I ignored it for a year
Now I’m saying goodbye so badly
Too late to feel sincere
Some say family never leaves us
No matter where we run
And when we’re out of time
Our understanding’s just begun