1. Move North

From the recording Misaligned Apples


I can’t predict where I will beWhen I meet the said and doneBut I hope I won’t be standing stillMay I find my resting place without knowing that I’ve comeLife’s trip can just take me where it willLet’s
Chorus:Move north, a little change of fateIt’s moving at an accelerating rateThis old magnetic energy can lead us anywhereI don’t know where north is, but I’m heading there
Now come with me my only loveThere are thrills left in the chaseThere’s more fun in not knowing what’s in storeThe compass will not guide us when the navigation’s baseIs shifting all around forever moreLet’s(chorus)
Yes the earth is slowing meltingLike the spinning iron we sit aboveLet the fields move north and south They still surround our core of love, so(chorus)
I know you’re my true north…