From the recording Misaligned Apples


Charisma’s spell’s so irresistible
That we can never get enough
We can fall for the charm, or sound the alarm
Either way we like it rough
We’re tied to a platform that’s insidious
Addicted to venomous phrase
We may know it’s wrong, but we’re going along
With a trend that’s turned into a craze
We’ve gone beyond now our routine mess
We’ve gone all giddy with meanness
So crude, so coarse, so hard and unrefined
We know of course we could have seen this
Coming and now how do we clean this?
Well when you’re giddy with meanness,
Just try to be kind
Collateral damage is a-comin’ soon
The evolution has begun
Now what do we need of empathy
When trolling feels like fun
We know the best way to mislead ourselves
Is finding someone else to blame
So we pick our side, and feel justified
And shoot each other while we stake our claim
Bad history always will repeat itself
When fear and simplicity reign
Now here we are hitched to another dark star
Toward a future where the past’s insane
Here we go again…