Rob Berretta

She Never Came Down



I knew Julia Beiring for most of my life

And closer we grew every year

Till we knew it was time, and I made her my wife

But one day she would just disappear

No I didn’t suspect that we weren’t secure

But it must have been building awhile

Though she gave me no reason to doubt we’d endure

She just had to go out in this style



For she never came down, she never came down

She flew far away and then stayed in the sky

Oh I’ll never know why, it just is that way

She took off and never came down


Julia Beiring was a slave to no one

And maybe I pushed her this time

Should I have foreseen her desire to run?

But I slept as she started her climb

When there was no message to say she’d arrived

I thought she was too proud to call

Didn’t turn on the news to hear no one survived

In those hours I managed to stall



It’s a guilty relief no one else will now keep

What I wasn’t willing to share

It’s not what I wished for, but what you sow you reap

Though no justice could be more unfair

When she said her ambitions were set on a star

How could she mean it literally?

If she wanted space why not a little less far

Not another dimension from me?



As you lie in my arms now my mind’s far away

In a world I hope never exists

So I’ll pray for tomorrow, but be grateful today

‘Cause the road sometimes buckles and twists

And each time we part I’ll make sure it’s in peace

And make certain I’ll never be rash

‘Cause you want to believe that this never will cease

But it all can be gone in a flash



© 2004 Robert Berretta