Rob Berretta

Even Lovers Drown



Even lovers drown, seeking no escape

Cradled by the sun, or the warm water’s nape

But driven by the mystery and thrill of impending bliss

Never knowing how or what pulls them down

Even lovers drown


In the kiss of light shooting off her skin

She pulled him down inside to the gray within

He didn’t fight the whirl as the waves grew high and the lights went dim

The cold was in his eyes before she realized he could never swim



Wonder where you are when you wake up from your dreaming?

How you came this far or if you still can turn?

When you just give in and let the waters overtake you

Do you even know or care that there’s no return?


Even lovers drown when the singing turns to silence

When the spell is done and the wonders now make sense

Better to have felt not to forget the sages whisper

But to stay alive the hearts survive most that never stir


© 2004 Robert Berretta