Rob Berretta

Walk Among Giants

Rob Berretta


There is a place in every life when you need to learn,

Son, how to keep the spirit growing

When motivation’s dried up, and you have to stretch for something new

Risk gets your circulation flowing

Look to your heroes and the crossroads they all faced

‘Cause everyone has fears that must be chased

Just keep pressing on past the temptation of complacency

That isn’t the way you should be going



Walk among giants

Don’t walk out on your own

Keep walking and you’ll see you’re not alone


Everyone dreams, but the few who dare are far ahead

Of those who take life sure and slowly

So which route do you follow when you know it’s time to make that choice?

One side feels safe, the other holy

Look to your heroes, how they struggled just as much

Against the freeze that held them in its clutch

Till they learned to stare their self-intimidating demons down

And channel their greatness from the lowly



I’ve reached the place now in my life when I have to choose

So do I leap or do I waver?

And where then is the promise of new confidence that’s bound to lead

To some enlightenment timesaver?

I look to my heroes, trying to take my own advice

Much harder in the face of sacrifice

When you look at me, the chain of inspiration’s obvious

 I’ll teach you to jump, you’ll make me braver



© 2012 Rob Berretta