Rob Berretta

This Rain

Rob Berretta


I snuck back in before dawn and watched you as you slept

And made a list of all the promises that we vowed but never kept

The storm outside is raging but you look warm and resigned

Sleep alone protects you from this love we’ve undermined

I step out and let this water try to wash my guilty stain

Now I’ve cheated too, and my heart’s heavy as this rain


Another awkward morning when you finally have to wake

Another rasp of thunder ‘cross the din of our heartbreak

And it’s easy just to feel mad and to hide behind excuses

Well you strayed first and I made it worse and now feel how tight our noose is

But hey we always sought adventure and love is rough terrain

It’s rocky, hard and heavy as this rain


We were sailing on a steady skiff, once so peacefully,

Now we’re tossing into violent bits; is there love in our debris?


We know the innocence is all done, and though the air may never clear

Do we shut this door forevermore or find a way to persevere?

‘Cause I can tell that I still love you from the weight of my regret

And if you feel this longing too can we forgive if not forget?

Then let’s face these sins and start again and try to drown this pain

With the strength of love that’s heavy as this rain

With the help of love that’s cleansing as this rain

This gift of love redeeming as this rain


© 2012 Rob Berretta