Rob Berretta

Queen Mary, the Moon and Me

Rob Berretta


Aboard 4000 score tons, magnificently free

Southampton to America we sailed in ‘63

You stood in the Verandah Grill, your beauty drew me in

I smiled at you, you touched your arm to let the games begin

Those two weeks were our happiness, brief lovers in our prime

And now I’m back to chase a mystery



A drink with your photograph from 1963,

Queen Mary, the moon and me,


Queen Mary, the moon and me


Now Mary lives a life less grand, this vessel turned hotel

But here I’m tracing footsteps out of stories I still tell

Of two young hopefuls leaving home in search of promised lands

Who find each other’s heartbeats till one heart misunderstands

I’m sure we could have talked it through but didn’t have the time

We only found the words to break the spell



I’ve heard this ship is haunted, that the ghosts can never leave

And though I watched you disembark, in these shadows I believe

So California lunar light please conjure up for me

A vision of the girl I loved but lost away from sea


What good’s an old location, a snapshot’s fading smile

And years of recollecting what will never reconcile

But still I’m coming back to her, this ship that never sails

To see again your amber hair as you lean against the rails

I’ll toast to our short, happy life, our magic maritime

Until my memory slips from this exile



My Annie, Queen Mary, the moon and me

My Annie, Queen Mary, the moon and me


© 2012 Rob Berretta