Rob Berretta

Last of the Unrequited

Rob Berretta


A Facebook-set reunion’s finally led us here

I read your posts but don’t know what to expect

No need to be nervous, but it still feels weird

After all this time to reconnect

You look the same, it’s crazy, Tara, how’d these feelings got let go

‘Cause they’ve all come rushing back to me and I’ve got to hide the flow

So let’s sit and tell our stories as we drink our beer

And I brace myself for that same cause and effect



Still I’m longing for that kiss, and after twenty years I’ll hide it

‘Cause you were the last one, you were the last one

You were the last one of the unrequited


So life pitched you some strikeouts, but your kids are great

And you’ve been much better since your last divorce

I wonder as I watch you, but I hesitate

If I tell the truth I could throw us both off course

Do I carry on living with these feelings overthrown?

‘Cause all the what-ifs in the universe won’t reverse these chances blown

Even if I could win you, well it’s just too late

For anything but victory saddled by remorse



Well truth be told I’m happy now with a love I think could last

But with this sociable technology we can drop in on our past

So Tara yes I looked you up, but I’m not even gonna tell you

That the devil in me tempting fate almost convinced me to compel you

To come to me


But instead I take my quick hug and we say goodbye

With promises to stay in touch, on line



© 2012 Rob Berretta