Rob Berretta

Born in New York City, ROB BERRETTA grew up in Spain and Germany before moving back to his old neighborhood. A frequent performer on Manhattan’s singer-songwriter circuit in the late 80s and early 90s, Rob stopped performing and embarked on a career as a performing arts agent. Returning to his own music in the past few years, Rob has released four albums, Songs from the Big Martin (produced by Mark Lineberry and featuring Cheryl Prashker and Amura Onyaa), Big Questions, Little Answers, Burst of Joy! and 2015's Another Banker's Dozen.

Living as an ex-patriot gave Rob an opportunity to regard different cultures, including his own, as an outsider, and many of his 300+ songs reflect the critical distance of an observer. His new songs celebrate marriage in its traditional (This Year) and groundbreaking (These Fantastic Times) forms, social and political issues (The Right to Bear Arms, Soldier, Autocompleted) and love in all its hurt and glory (Empty Cage, Sky After the Rain, Barbara May).  An album of stories, dreams and pursuits of happiness, Another Banker's Dozen is a mature, realistic look at the trials and triumphs of modern life.