Rob Berretta

Why Didn't I Kiss You?

Rob Berretta
Rob Berretta


You stood like a light at the foot of the stairs

Glistening, beckoning, answering my prayers

For over a year all I wanted was you

Reading the signs but never taking the cue

Why didn’t I kiss you?


You offered me all my heart and body craved

But the hints weren’t clear by the way you behaved

Were you looking for love or just for some fun

While I stood there loaded with a frozen gun?

Why didn’t I kiss you?


In all the time passed since that fateful day

Do you ever go back and get carried away?

And think where you’d be if you’d made that move?

Well I want you to know that I think on it too


I guess we know now what we didn’t know then

It’s best just to answer the pull and dive in

But what could have been wasn’t and all that lives on

Are our hearts less full and our chances all gone

Why didn’t I kiss you?


© 2009 Rob Berretta