Rob Berretta


Rob Berretta
Rob Berretta


There’s a soldier drinking coffee, there’s a soldier over there

Heading homeward, so tired of waiting,

And he’s caught me in a stare

Now I’m thinking he’s filled his duty

While there’re others still in place

There’s a soldier and I’m wondering

If another soldier’s safe


There’s a mother keeping cheerful, there’s a mother unaware

If her daughter is being truthful, that there’s no reason to be scared

When we’re speaking she’s always fine

‘Cause there’re no battles near her base

There’s a soldier and I’m hoping

That another soldier’s safe


You said to me ‘fore you left

“Let Mother last, and Bro you know I’ll make it through”

Soon will it be finally your tour has passed?

Then you’ll have strangers staring too


There’s another morning breaking but the sun goes down so fast

Never sleeping, and never certain just how long the wait will last

Come tomorrow, in joy returning, more’ll join the forces of the saved

But there’s a soldier, and someone praying now for another solider brave


And it won’t be fair

Till there’re no more stares at any soldiers



© 2009 Rob Berretta