Rob Berretta

Marathon Sunday

Rob Berretta
Rob Berretta


How many times you close your eyes and see yourself so clear?

Up there tall on the pedestal and now you are so near

You’re held up fine in a pleasure high as your endorphins overload

You feel so primed as your heartbeat climbs and you’re ready to explode

But sometimes it’s better still when your pace has slowed



Marathon Sunday, Marathon Sunday

All the joy’s in the grind

Never mind how the journey ends


You’re working up a sweat so good and you’re lost inside the ride

To your side I come just to drive you on, now you’re so close to satisfied

So hear my cry now amplify as your coach, your fan and lover

As your rhythms spin all the ways to win are yours now to discover

And if all those pass you by we’ll find another



Now I’ll be there when you cross the finish line

To dry you off and help you catch your breath

There’s a celebration just for you and we can kick it off real smooth

With the practiced art of two healthy hearts

And a love locked in its groove


So come on let’s stay home, we’ll make our own, we’ll run our own



© 2009 Rob Berretta