Rob Berretta

Don't Let Go

Rob Berretta
Rob Berretta


This may not be the day I know to talk about the past

Your future’s blurred, your worries grow,

You don’t even know if your job’ll last

But while the moment breeds uncertainty and we might have to tighten now

Know every age has its trying days, it feels like the end but it cycles somehow



Hard times, they ebb and they flow

They claw in like a lion and fade quiet as the snow

So take my hand when the blues try to take control

And darlin’ just say no

‘Cause it’s our time, it’s all that we’ll know

And with a love like ours we’ll just bet on hope

So take my hand and if the world demands, “let it go,”

My darlin’ don’t let go


In the shadow of the fallout shelter he met his only bride

Through those days of fear and anxiousness they always saw life from the bright side

And he passed to me his philosophy that all you’ll have’s just what you see

So I’m my father’s son and we won’t be undone

And no one can foreclose on what love’s guaranteed



So we live in the world we live in, well what’s the news there?

But it’s only to they who give in that heartache takes over when things turn unfair

So when all the money’s gone – have mercy – but remember that’s not why we’re here

When no love’s gone bad, there’s no need to feel sad

We’ll live for each other till the climate is clear



© 2009 Rob Berretta